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It started when I was only 10 years old. Maybe earlier, but 1984 was probably the first big foundational building block I recall, when my father had a heart attack. This was the beginning. Along my life journey, I experienced many wonderful moments as well as numerous opportunities to learn, reflect, and grow. I developed a life philosophy built around happiness, positivity, gratefulness, living in the moment, taking chances, and just enjoying every minute of life.

In early 2021, right in the heart of the global COVID pandemic, I was working with an executive coach by the name of Kevin. As Kevin and I got to know each other, he said, “Wow, you are like Mr. Life is Too Short Guy” in how you think and how you act. This was the ultimate AHA! moment for me when I finally had a label for my life philosophy and perspective. I call it LITSG for short. It all became clear. That night I told my wife Jenn about it and she said, “That should be the book you always wanted to write.” I mulled it over and wrote it in my head for the next year. Then, in early 2022, I put pen to paper and The Life is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever was born. My purpose in life became clear - I want to positively impact people's lives with my story and my philosophy. 

I am the happiest person in the world and I am grateful every minute of every day for all that I have. I have a clear philosophy on life, happiness, gratefulness, and urgency. Now, I want to give back and change the world. With my book and speaking engagements, I am on a mission to Make The World Happier, One Smile at a Time.

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